16 Jun


The Skim Rondaan Sukarelawan (SRS) of Rukun Tetangga Gasing Indah has been always well known for their ardent commitment in working closely with IPD Petaling Jaya in Community Policing since its inception in 2009.

On the evening of June 14, 2011, Selangor Chief Police Officer, YDH Dato’ Hj. Tun Hisan Bin Dato’ Hj. Tun Hamzah decided to surprise the members of this SRS outfit in Gasing Indah with his gracious visit in spite of his time constraint and also to meet with some of these active residents upon reading frequent media reports about this unique Rukun Tetangga Gasing Indah.

Dato’ Hj. Tun Hisan came with his police officers from IPK Selangor accompanied by the Deputy OCPD of IPD Petaling Jaya, Supt. Meor Hamdan Mohamed and numerous senior officers to encourage the entire community of Gasing Indah to continue in its proactive partnership with the police to reduce crimes as a urbanized model.

The Selangor CPO was welcomed warmly by the Rukun Tetangga Gasing Indah Chairman, Mr Lfred Chuah and all the Committee members. Dato’ Tun Hisan gave a lively speech to the 50 plus SRS members, residents plus many families who were gathered for this special occasion wanting to hear about this new evolving initiatives of Community-Oriented Policing to engage the citizens in what the Selangor CPO termed as Citizen-Focused Policing from patronizing to relationship status.

Dato’ Hj. Tun Hisan also encouraged the 150 residents of Gasing Indah who had gathered to hear him about learning to share resources together like the installations of CCTV systems among the different houses to deter crimes and able to provide them as evidences to the police as one of the effective measures.

Dato’ Hj. Tun Hisan expressed his great delight that Gasing Indah has shown a dynamic model of a empowered community in tackling crimes by the residents. He also encouraged the SRS members to improve more on their understanding of criminal laws with the help of senior police officers to teach them further as law-abiding citizens . He added that an proactive role by the community itself will result in a effective crime prevention strategy.

Among the guests were, Tuan Halim Omar, JPNIN Director Selangor; Tuan Beh Sang How, JPNIN Director Petaling Jaya and also Mr Derek Feranandez, MBPJ Councillor Bukit Gasing. This entire evening event was covered by various Media including the Filem Negara as well.

The presentation of a Token of Appreciation was given by the SRS Chairman/Deputy RT Chairman, Mr Eric Chew to YDH Dato’ Tun Hisan in honour of his special visit to Gasing Indah and for his visionary leadership in promoting Community Policing in Selangor. Supt Meor Hamdan also received a Token of Appreciation on the behalf for IPD Petaling Jaya from Mr Eric Chew as well.

Dato’ Tun Hisan also took a short inspection tour in the Walk- About of Taman Gasing Indah with the SRS members, residents together with their families and police officers sharing in this community policing problem-solving program.

This huge group proceeded with the Selangor CPO to install a big Anti-Crime Community banner (CEGAH JENEYAH) at the main entrance of their neighborhood with largely printed police emergency numbers for all the residents and the public. The event ended at a nearby restaurant with the SRS members, residents, children and all the police personnel enjoying their joyous meal with the Selangor Chief Police Officer like one big family together.

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